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Oksana Angel : Resurrect Me lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "Resurrect Me"

Resurrect Me
Verse 1
I 'm like a stranger in the both worlds ? the one above & the one below?

I can't breathe, now that I've lost my heart to an Angel
I just wanna be alive again?but I'm stuck in between the worlds?
After I am gone, Angel, resurrect me on the 3rd day

Resurrect me from the dead

Angel, save me from the living hell
Resurrect me, make my heart beat again
Keep the promise, resurrect me!

Get me thru another night, another day!

Verse 2

Every second of the day is draining lifeblood out of me
Every moment without you is such a pain making my heart numb
Just wanna close my eyes, take my last breath and fly away

I know this road too well ? how it starts & ends
I've seen love & life, death & pain
I've been to both worlds before, I can't take it anymore!

It's like a torture what you do ? you're so cruel
Set me free, let me go

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