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Oksana Angel : Forbidden Love (KJ remix) lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "Forbidden Love (KJ remix)"

[Verse 1]
I will lock my heart and throw away the key
What good is my love if you cannot be with me?

I will lock away my feelings and desire
it's so hard to keep it inside,
I'm barely hanging on; I'm losing ground

Hold me in your arms, my sweetest Angel

Show me unseen heights ? Heaven's treasures
Take me to the secret place of angels ?
The hidden garden of love

Share my forbidden love?
Forbidden Love?Forbidden Love?Forbidden Love?

[Verse 2]
My love for you is so strong, it makes me weak
When I look into your eyes like the endless starlit sky

When you kiss me on the lips,
I get lost in Heaven, (it's unreal?)
When you softly touch my hair,

I feel I'm falling into forever?

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