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Oksana Angel : Falling in Love With You lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "Falling in Love With You"

[Verse 1]
It was the coldest Night of all
The trees stood bare; they lost everything they'd got

It was the loneliest place of all
Where my heart lost everything I loved

It was a magic night when I knew
That I'd fall in love with you
What I did not know was that I

Would be loved by someone so divine?

Never in my dreams did I think

That I'd meet an Angel like you
Somewhere in my heart I just wished
That one day my deepest secret dream would come true!

(I'm)Falling in love with you

Just by looking into your eyes
Falling in love with you
Just by dancing with you all night

[Verse 2]
What is Angel's Love? It is like

Watching magic unfold before my eyes
How strong is Angel's Love? It took my breath away
And I believe in miracles again!

Falling in love with you

Is like looking in Angel's eyes
Falling in love with you
Is like falling in Heaven's arms

Can it be forever, can it be for real?

Can we be together, or is it just another dream?

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