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Oksana Angel : Arctic Summer lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "Arctic Summer"

Verse 1
In the Land of Northern Lights Beauty mesmerized our hearts
For so long we'd been waiting for her warmth, care and light

Finally the Goddess Sun blessed us with her love and grace
Only to stay with us a while and disappear without a trace

Bring me eternal love, eternal spring
Give me eternal light, everlasting

Warm me up inside with the power of your love
Let me feel your true love, not Artic Summer

Verse 2
Like rays of sunshine we danced in the splendor of the diamond ice
Our Garden of Love blossomed and faded away too fast

Time was so cruel to end our arctic summer; it didn't last?
Like the Northern sun you came by and escaped from my life
(?just like that?without good-bye)

Why did we choose such a far-a-way land?

The land of ice and snow?
The place of silver stars and moon glow
Why did we fall in love with the Northern Lights like that?

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