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Oingo Boingo lyrics : "Skin"

This is someone elses story
Someone that I never new
This is someone elses body

Am I getting through to you

If you peel away the armor

Is there something underneath
If you look below for hidden treasure
Underneath another layer

Are you hiding underneath the skin

If you peel away the skin is there anybody there

If you peel away the armor is it too late to begin
Is there anybody hiding if you peel away the skin

A spark has passed between us now
A momentary recognition
Something lost and something gained

Something shared that feels strange
Something cold that will not go away

Theres a heart as cold as ice
In a vault thats made of stone
Over years the walls got higher

Over years the walls have grown
Is there anybody in there
In this self inflicted tomb

If you peel away the layers
Is there someone in this room

If you peel away the skin

Is there anybody there?

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Thanks to auritagirl