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Oingo Boingo lyrics : "I'm Afraid"

Afraid of the dark
Afraid of the light

Don't walk in the park
Afraid of the night
Afraid to get stabbed

Or hit by a car
Afraid of the streets
Afraid to go far

Afraid of the sky
Don't like to be high
I don't want to fall

Afraid I might die
Afraid of my friends
Don't like to be seen

Afraid to be nice
Afraid to be mean
Afraid that the wind

Will knock over trees
Afraid of my dog
Afraid of his fleas

Peace of mind

Hard to keep
Hard to find
Look ahead

Look behind
Looking for
Peace of mind

Can't relax
Can't unwind
Deep inside

Secret mind

Afraid to be caught
Afraid to be free
Afraid to make love

Afraid of VD
Afraid of the rain
Don't like to get wet

Afraid to take drugs
They make me forget
Afraid that the air

Will make me get sick
Afraid that a girl
Will cut off my....OH!

Someone tell me how it happened
Why my head is so confused

Can it be my circuits finally blew a fuse
Can a human being really change into a humanoid
Or is my imagination paranoid

All I need is peace and quiet, maybe just a little time
Turn the channel, turn the channel piece of mind

[repeat chorus]

Afraid of success

Afraid to grow old
Afraid that my brain
Is covered with mold

Afraid that I might
Ce put on a shelf
But that's not the least, oh, OH!

Afraid of MYSELF

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