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OFWGKTA lyrics : "Drop"

Tell your (*##$ stop complaining bout her achey tits
A body is a temple - i don't give a f**k; i'm atheist
make me stop, make me (*##$

she mad because i taped the %#@! and sent the tape to ace and taco
helped some f**kin bait to it
Master master, pretty (*##$ bashed ya

black and white (*##$, mixed like she moo and chew grass
In some concern i like the %#@!
I guess i kind of like my (*##$

if she wasn't a [email protected]() motorcyclist with ???
Wolf Gang on that drive without a license %#@!
On that take Shake and Meka and X and f**kin slice them %#@!s

Oh how nice, now you wanna say you like the %#@!
because you're bruised up, you're neck's sliced and i ain't icin %#@!
Show me a rapper my age that say he nice as this and i'll show you a [email protected]$)got that say he hates barbara streisand flicks

Me and Berm swervin in the jeep
I'm a nice guy in person but a pervert in the sheets
and i'm magic with the words, murder merlin over beats

make the competition kiss the f**kin curb and then they weep and then they drop


The lambs get silenced and the fans get violent
Droppin lines groggy like the hands of Odd Thomas

f**kin' awesome arsenal of wolves in the pack I travel in
The battle ram, ramming them, rats get to tattling
limbs swingin axes at you antonyms of savages

and prayin that it damages
your hobby's what my passion is
f**k that [email protected]$)got %#@!, my [email protected][email protected] on that savage %#@!

f**kin the game and shoving daggers through the $$# of it
I said, f**k that [email protected]$)got %#@!, my [email protected][email protected] on that savage %#@!
f**kin the game and shoving daggers through the $$# of it

Moving on to a Jessica, planning to make a mess of her
after a couple drinks and a session of [email protected]#^ sex with her
like "Hey there, intestines, my @@#! is erect, next to ya"

We the %#@! like what you make, them ^!$$%s still ain't fresh as us

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa