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OFFSPRING lyrics : "No Hero"

Once you said you'd stick to it until the end
I guess you lied, the call it suicide
Now you're gone

What was so wrong that you couldn't find a way to carry on?
Second guess
Did I do my best?

There was a friend I had


Johnny was a weirdo
So what did you expect?
I ain't no $#[email protected] hero

I'm just trying to survive myself

I should have known you went through it alone

I wonder why did you even try?
You could have come to me
I would have helped you see

You could have found a way to carry on
Second guess
Did i do my best?

There was a friend I had...


Johnny's strange behavior was a tip-off, they say
But I ain't no $#[email protected] savior

I'm just living day by day

Little things, little lives hanging 'til the end

I say it doesn't really mean nothing
Telling truth, telling lies
I used to have a friend

I say it don't really mean nothing
And I can't let this feeling go
Let this feeling go

Let this feeling go

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