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ODDISEE lyrics : "Own Appeal"

(Verse 1)
I never asked to be born and death's no question
The sun's still shining off the same old lessons

Then why does life feel like an educated guess and
My thoughts are like meals I'm a sucker for the seconds
Impressions got a lot of us stressing but how we are perceived is more about a reflection

The reception warm that I receive
Which leads to believe these hoes like what I heave
Tall women in heels tour money and deals

Off the no bull I like all money for real
More time aboard and less time at home
Less time for broads and more time in zones

Yeah I'm in it while flying out of another one
This is a new beginning I'm climbing out of the other one
The dream feel real'er than it ever been

And I was aiming high like a ^!$$% being president
The possibilities of that are seeming pretty evident
So being self employed is not seeming like a definite

But staying that way is what I'm F'ing with
And like minded people are the only ones I'm messing with(Hook)
This so real not knowing what's ahead but I'mma go there still

Living in the moment got a hopeless feel but the feeling in itself got it's own appeal
But I know I'm attracted to the lights in the distance
The closer that I get and the brighter my wish gets

Excited by the risk and the chances I'm taking
Not sure what I'm putting my faith in but I'mma be alright(Verse 2)
I'm trying to get mine in this life time

The after life is much further in pipeline
I'm in inclined to believe that but truth is that for death any moment is the right time
So I live like everyday is my last

But I plan for tomorrow as if I will never pass
A Pharoah on the subway
Who never had dreams of jets but fell asleep on run ways

I just know that one day that anything I needed I could mold
Get everything you want it ain't always good for the soul
A mix of self worth some help a little control

And I don't know the rest good as mine is your guess
The recipe ain't the best to make it though is our quest
And if you choose to except the meaning of life is yes

Cause only God knows those of us in the flesh get the privilege of test
Some will fail and some will pass
We all get the same grade though when we run the path

But how you grade your self is the mark that will matter most
To separate the heart of the strong and the battered folks
Have a dose(Hook)(Verse 3)

Ayo %#@! so real I kill %#@! to live ^!$$% schizo feel
I got a hunger for knowledge and I miss no meals
I stay high off life and I miss no pills

I'm addicted to thrill of walking along the edge
Not knowing what lays ahead but always knowing the deal
I'm good with my decisions the set backs and gains

Is all apart of the game I'm ready to spin the wheel
What ever is in store I'm ready for for sure
The attitude of wealth with the gratitude of the poor

The balance is the challenge and I sit so still
Between callous and [email protected]#^ysis but this no frills
I'm off the chain been that way since slaves to Flav

From 93 till infinity I'm slated in ways
That's etched in stone
The age where we market out selves

I'm still all about the music I don't monitor plays
I don't monitor hits and I don't monitor clicks
I monitor the snare drum and the bottom of kicks

Is anybody left that still $#[email protected] with this true %#@!
Well let me hear you scream over top of this CRU %#@!(Hook)

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