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ODDIOLOGIST : Under Rated lyrics

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ODDIOLOGIST lyrics : "Under Rated"

Sick of the doubt, sick of your name
sickened with how you sit there and hate

sick of the shoutin, sick of the same
%#@!-ridden louse who spitten some lame0
won't say ya name, should be ashamed

WISH you was Nas. WISH you was Game
WISH you was drake, WISH you was Wayne
(*##$ you is wishin' you COULD taste some fame.

wearin' the same, %#@!-stained haynes
days at a time, (*##$ you need change
chump, looney brain, huh? toonie insane bruh

you need game, you need bars, you need help if you see stars
reality, yeah truth is harsh, fallacy with roots deep ahhh

We the most hated. Debated and under-rated
watch the Radar if you say there's not chance we will have made it.
I don't play %#@!, no I live it on a day-to-day basis.

Check my status, I'm gon' say this till my game on top in stasis.
wonder where this hate is comin' from? don't bother just erase it
I will chase the name of number one, don't matter where I came from

or my name aint Oddiologist, my game swept out from under um,
Don't label me as your average, each track I climb another rung
The WeightOnMyBack is###bersome. You come here for some thunder, son?

Some days I wonder WhetherIReallyAmWilling to write another song.
WhetherOrNot I'll get to see another sun
-- rise, to my surprise, the weight is Lifted, I've Written Another one.

It's funny what inspires, I swear sometimes I need Gun
to get the point across, how lethal I Can Be to crossss
When I StepInTheBooth And Beast. - You'll never step on me,

because believe me that's a line - that You Don'tWannaStumbleAcross


Kick and punch and bite and pull,the list goes on, I'll fight. I will.

My skill has naught to do with which island I came from. Might and Will
Insight and still, I write and spill my heart and mind into these lines You might'nt feel.
But I Keeps it real, like what's the deal? What I Write for, Thrills?

with every bass and snare I hear, I swear my hair stands on it's end
pretend the tempo make my bloodflow, like you don't know. Spell on me
The rhythm and the melody, the ritalin and the FelonInMe

IsTellinToMe, is Makin'MeThink, I'm CapableOf MoreThanIBelieved
it make no difference, InTimeYou'llSee, a more DeveloppedAndIntimateMe
You IntoIt,See? IKnowYouPretend like YouCouldn'tHear the SplinterInMe

I'm Mixin'AndMastering. plastering these lyrics to beats,
Imagining the HardshipI'veSeen, narcisism CouldPossibly be
my only form of company, at least I see TheArtistInMe

PotentialToBe/Potentially the best MC you've seen come outta the NFLD
AndIfIReceive, anything more than WhatItWasWhichIHadCominToMe
I'm SureToShareTheFameAndFortune WithEveryoneCared, SupportedTheScene


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