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October Project lyrics : "One Dream"

In this dream of life and death
I know so much I will forget
I know your body and your breath

I know your rhythm and your touch
I want you here
I want so much

I fear too much
Far too human to let go
I fight the river and the flow

I fight the love and the fear
I do not want to leave you here
In one body you appear

In this dream
I dream
And I still want so much

To touch the inside
I dream
And I still want to stay

Inside this dream with you
Now I know
That every dream begins with you

And ends in time
Now I know
That maybe I am too alive

If I could speak in tongues of flame
I'd burn forever with your name
And take it with me through all time

I would remember who you are
In every life I'd touch your heart
In every dream

I dream...

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