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OCTINOMOS : World Pulverization lyrics

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OCTINOMOS lyrics : "World Pulverization"

In the light of the new day
The earth still dead
Remains laid to waste and buried

Yesterday all is ashes, ruins now
I stole life away
I was lead by hate and misery

By the hour of flames consuming ground
Holy fire killing all around
By the human quest for freer life

It has fallen by the nuclear knife
No human wisdom could ever be enough
To lead us into brighter times

All evolves and then it ends
Trading hell for worse
Our death was due since long ago as I wanted

Life is dead and gone, final battle
We have crushed and won as I wanted
Even sun blood red, world pulverized

Earth is now dead
All I wanted, inner peace
Peace I never found

For the human garbage blocked my way
But the vengeance came at last
My own day of light

How it crushed and took your lives away
I have conquered
Yet I die with earth

My brief triumph
I have seen the birth of the New World
There is no one there

No more living
No more cross to bare

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