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OCASAN : Phasers Aren't Set To Stun lyrics

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OCASAN lyrics : "Phasers Aren't Set To Stun"

Bang bang you're dead 50 bullets in your head

Attend the village local on a friday night

It's not the brightest idea, they're not exactly our type
Boys keep your heads down, it's for the best
God forbid the girls show us any interest


They belong to the boys in Burberry
Taking back-ally [email protected]*!s from girls in their teens
Out for a fight by the slot machines

They hunt in packs and they're targeting me

Don't make eye contact, Home is too far to run

It's a childish game but they've got real guns
Don't step out of line, they'll blow out all your fun
And don't be fooled, their phasers aren't set to stun

Drug deals are no surprise I think you'll agree
And the back ally teens don't bother me

Even pimped cars and the brawls in bars
But perhaps this time they've gone way too far

Statistics show around half of the houses in the US have guns
But can they really be blamed for what is going on?
Who can stop this?

Maybe Charlton Heston could have a stab at it
Then again, maybe apes will take over the planet

Don't look now the girls are getting flirty
It's bad news for the guys that just want to party

Bang bang you're dead 50 bullets in your head

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