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OASIS : Gas Panic! lyrics

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OASIS lyrics : "Gas Panic!"

Romance me...dance me
'til I don't care
you haven't lived until you've danced on air

whisper nothings if you dare
won't you please, be my Fred Astaire

Everybody up...everybody up
everybody up on the dance floor now

everybody up...everybody up
everybody up on the dance floor now

I know they call you Mr. Lonely Heart
but you're the leading man to play the part
you don't have to be a millionaire

all you have to do is be my Fred Astaire


Get up now...get up now
get up now...be my Fred Astaire (x2)


When you move it's like a melody

serenading...the very heart of me
I'll be your Ginger Rogers on the floor
swirl me. twirl me 'til I just can't

take no more


Boy if you could only read my mind
you've been in my dreams a thousand time


(Chorus Jam):
Everybody up
(get up now)

everybody up
(get up now)
everybody up

(be my Fred Astaire).

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