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O.G. SPANISH FLY lyrics : "Chicano Love"

Sit back, relax and take a sip of Hennessy
Chicana Love is bumping loud so hynas picture me
A little youngster, in and out of jail but now on bail

I need a firme hyna to keep me good and doing well
Tell Sancho y La Sancha girl I want ya
I ain't stopping till this young vato got ya

The way you're doing your thing, you got me feeling insane
The way you're plaing your game, and girl I got no shame
I like Chicanas, there's something about them all

To have a ^^&$#* vato like me going to the mall
For your number and your name, ain't gotta diss
And if it's all good I'll take your number and a kiss

Spanish vato, aka you know the rest
We some gangster'd up fools from the Wicked Wicked West
Don't trip, your man ain't gotta know

We'll keep it on the low after each and every show
So how do you want it girl, how can it be
Just give me a second and baby doll you'll see

I ain't messing around, I'm coming straight to you
I'm a thug in this world, and gangsters need love too

Mija, you fine mamacita
Looking real good, you're a pretty morenita
Eighteen with the bullet, you knew it, why don't you pull it

[click click] [bang] we're gonna get into it
I'm that Spanish Fly type of guy, slick, wicked, and the sly
Rolling by, hey girl can you be my cuttie pie

We're gonna bump and grind till the break of dawn
I'ma keep you in my mind and put you in my next song
Ain't nothing wrong with a little bump and grind

Like Royal T said you will never be mine
You're fine and all that, you're fine and got back
But me and my homies rather use you for a train track

I never said I'd fall in love
See I'm a thug, and gangsters need love
I just wanted to stroke for a while

Mija did I make you smile, did I make you smile

Last but not least, watch me as I creep

Underneath the sheets, baby doll let me peek
I wanna do you, screw you, all night long
Till the night is over, day is gone, till the day is gone

Over and over, we'll do it again
Just give me a second so I can get my thing hardened
It's on and cracking until the break of dawn

It's on and cracking I can hang real long
No matter what the circumstances are
We can to it in your tat, at my spot, or even in the car

Even on any given day of the week
All you gotta do is grab a phone and get at me
It's that simple, make it plain and easy

Like I said I'm just a little youngster from the city
What the cd is bumping, hynas I'm humping
Levas I'm dumping, haters get nothing

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