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O.A.R. : The Fallout lyrics

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O.A.R. lyrics : "The Fallout"

I never meant to hurt you, but knew I someday would
It's like I built a cabin, with matches between the wood
I'll be damned if I am happy, and you will pay the price

Strong becomes the lion, when he believes his own advice
I've got this one beat, I've got this one beat

I know it's empty in the open
Days apart from you
Ashes trace the skyline

And this burnout cabin too
I'll be damned if you forget me in this fire
I'll save your place

And keep it cool while I think of you
In the smoke I see your face
I've got this one beat; I've got this one beat

Rain come fall on me
Baby from the fallout hear me call out
I've got this one beat

Baby from the fallout hear me call out
I've got this one beat
In the fallout [X5]

Is this how it's gonna be?
Bending daylight here with me

I know the aftermath is harder that it seems
Is this how it's got to be?
In the fallout, the fallout, the fallout

I'm alone in the fallout

They say the sky is falling

Are the angels coming too?
I'm gonna catch them when they come
Catch them as they fall

Climb on top the tower, get me closer to the sky
I'll bring the memories back

And save them all for you
The fallout [X4]

You can hear me call out from that fallout
You can hear me call
Save me, save me from the enemy

Come save me, save me from these broken things

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