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NURSERY RHYMES lyrics : "There Was a Bee"

There was a bee-i-ee-i-ee,
Sat on a wall-i-all-i-all,
And he could buzz-i-uzz-i-uzz,

And that was all-i-all-i-all.
Until a boy-i-oy-i-oy,
Who had a stick-i-ick-i-ick;

He hit that bee-i-ee-i-ee
An awful lick-i-ick-i-ick.
So then that bee-i-ee-i-ee

Began to sting-i-ing-i-ing;
He stung that boy-i-oy-i-oy
Like anything-i-ing-i-ing.

And then that boy-i-oy-i-oy
Began to yell-i-ell-i-ell.
He told that bee-i-ee-i-ee

To go to...
"Way down yonder in the cornfield!"

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