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NURSERY RHYMES lyrics : "The Presbyterian Cat"

There was a Presbyterian cat
Went searching for her prey,
And foond a moose within the hoose

Upon the Sawbath day.
The people all were horrifiet,
And they were grieved sair,

And straightway led that wicked cat
Before the ministaire.
The ministaire was horrifiet

And unto her did say:
"Oh, naughty cat to catch a moose
Upon the Sawbath day.

"The Sawbath's been, fra days of yore,
An institution."
So they straightway led that wicked cat

To execution.
(which may be sung at the end,

or as a chorus to each of the verses)
The higher up the plum tree grows
The sweeter grow the plums,

The more the cobbler plies his trade
The broader grow his thumbs.

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