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Novembers Doom lyrics : "Torn"

I long for days like this
My heart pounds when you are near

The gift of life
Treasure it, for it is pure
Embrace it with all your heart

Not a thousand years of pain
Would be worth the loss of this

I hold for you a special gift
And on this day, a new life begins

Facade the day of forest green
And calm my breath with words of plight

A question I ponder this hour
The light for me, or shadows engulf

I am the answers you seek
You stand before me

And I see your sorrow
Even now, in your agony
You can have your doubt

For one last time


Do I make make the sacrifice?
To walk among the restless souls?
How can I let this go on?

Torn between love and life
All is dead in my eyes

Close your eyes and welcome the truth
Innocence is so sweet

For only the aging of the flesh
Shall rain upon the sorrows of life

Admire this touch of heaven
Before it fades.
I remember days of old,

And through your grief, one stands clear.
I can see you forge a smile

All these flowers are turning to snow
For all is lost in your heart
It's only her love that keeps you alive

Now's the time for your pain to end


How can I ever live without you?
This all seems so perfect
So perfect, until I dream of you

And your smile is my sunshine

You deserve more then this

Your saviour has come
A strong soul to carry on
To take you home

I need you here with me
Follow me now
To pick me up when I fall

Before the sunlight fades

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