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Novembers Doom lyrics : "Dark Fields For Brillance"

Solid shades of passions lie
With countless eyes to stare your sleep
Wallow in terror of nights fetal embrace

Cold tongues taste the fear
A dark vision to scare my soul
And shy away as the madness calls upon me

To close my eyes at the end of day

Welcome dark clad armies of fear
More then novels have told my tale
And campfire dreams that warm the soul

With every moment of every night
The shadows dance the walls
And I know she looks upon me from afar

To close my eyes at the end of day
Evokes dark fields for brilliance

Her cold smile haunts the after thought
A fate for us all to be taken away

From the empty days of hope, deny the darkness
Follow my voice, we'll run far away from here

If only to hide, to escape this life
And live forever, forever in the sun

For all the nights I lie awake
And stare into the void

Just once I wish to grasp
Some glimmer of hope
A cowards reign

The last to know
Forward, down
And through my eyes

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