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Novembers Doom lyrics : "Broken"

I am broken.
In spirit, body, and mind
Forever cold to faith in life

Mother of night, embrace me
I have not forgotten
Looking back on the years of last

With so much pain to bare
I am broken

Nights forgotten its son of brave
And turned her back on bitterness
Torn is my duality

Judging the force of things yet old
Trivia in forsaken thoughts
Of tomorrow's crushing blow

A calming plea, follow the day

Two fold, I stand to ache
Given to me by pitiful life
Desperate time, to pass in stride

How does anyone ever know?
False dreams, and lesser faith

Can you look me in the eyes
And tell me everything's all right?
If we talk about tomorrow

How can I stop your tears?

Separation of life and mind

Comfort, the quest for time
Suffer day, and hallowed night
In dark realms to betray

Left here for the devouring dogs
To feast upon my very pride
One thing I will never forget

That I am only a man
And I am broken

Failure I cannot fix
False hope for nothing
This is the life I lead

And tomorrow will not change

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