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NOTHINGFACE lyrics : "Hitch"

recite, i feel everything, relight my own joy in this,
my own !@$)got fantasy, t.v. series lightbulb coffin,
reborn, skinless nightmare, no words only questions,

like me, only everyone wants, feel this feeling

nothing....do i care
brings me.....lie to me

can i......hate myself

push me through all closed doors, and i can't find my

way, i want to feel human, and i am what gives it
away, nothing can be done

ugly, i am nothing but send me to my crucifix, raping,
falling inside out, plaing what i used to be, would
he, collect his own mind, my own is not pure and

whole, piece this, less is what i am, love is a
wonderful thing to hate

[repeat chorus]

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