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NOTHINGFACE lyrics : "Blue Skin"

I got my green eyes
I got my glass high
I got my thunder and it's rolling straight up inside

She's got the real %#@!
Gave me a facelift
We got this spaceship and we're just a dot in the sky

Into the sun
Return as nothing

I got machine guns
And yes they're lots of fun

We got some bullets and we're mowin' everybody down
I got my blue skin
And eat my dinner in sin

I got my pride now and I'm all shook up inside

[Repeat Chorus]

My mother said that we're all angels
But I swear I saw the evil

Evil that bleeds from the sky (from the sky)
So I can't help you now
You saved it for yourself

But you stole everything
So you can see it when you
Wake up

You know there is no one to worship
So... $#&@ her, $#&@ him, $#&@ you, $#&@...

They'll kill everyone, we've got to stop them!

... Off into the sun

Return as nothing

We will spread to every continent

and devour every living thing on this Earth

[Repeat Chorus]

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