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Norbert Leo Butz lyrics : "Nobody Needs To Know"

Hey, kid - good morning
You look like an angel
I don't remember when we fell asleep

We should get up, kid
Cathy is waiting...

Look at us, lying here
Dreaming, pretending
I made a promise and I took a vow

I wrote a story
And we changed the ending
Cathy, just look at me now!

Hold on, facts are facts
Just relax, lay low

All right, the panic recedes:
Nobody needs to know

Put on my armor
I'm off to Ohio
Back into battle till

I don't know when
Swearing to her that I was
Never with you

And praying I"ll hold you again

Hold on, clip these wings -

Things get out of hand
All right, it's over, it's done
No one will understand

No one will understand...

We build a treehouse

I keep it from shaking
Little more glue every time that it breaks
Perfectly balanced

And then I start making
Conscious, deliberate mistakes

All that I ask for
Is one little corner
One private room

At the back of my heart
Tell her I found one
She sends out battalions

To claim it and blow it apart

I grip and she grips

And faster we're sliding
Sliding and spilling
And what can I do?

Come back to bed, kid
Take me inside you
I pormise I won't lie to you

Hold on, don't cry yet
I won't let you go

All right - the panic recedes
All right - everyone bleeds
All right - I get what I need

And nobody needs to know
Nobody needs to know

And since I have to be in love with someone
Since I need to be in love with someone
Maybe I could be in love with someone

Like you

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