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NOOR lyrics : "Aasheq Al Rasool"


Say, oh one who loves the Messenger

Make prayers upon the Mustafa
And whoever's heart has forgotten
Praising (the Messenger) is the best remedy

You, the one with tears in your eyes
From the remembrance of the one who came with the beautiful guidance

May you enjoy this blessed evening
In saying prayers upon him (the Messenger)


Your light shone upon us

Oh best of the Messengers
We ask the Lord of the Universe
To bless us with the ability to see you (the Messenger)

My heart is filled with love for you, oh Messenger of Allah
And I long to see your beauty, oh beloved of Allah

And I beg for your intercession on the Day of Judgment
You seek pardon for the sinners, and I am one of your people, oh Messenger of Allah


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