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NOOCH lyrics : "Just Do It"

Feat. Wale


Just do it x3
Bout a check like ya just do it

(Verse: Nooch)
Now, I don't play around, nor lay around
Who gots some to say, just say it now

You brawl with ^!$$%s, I let it bounce
Keep call me Nooch, you say it loud
From the home of the Bullets, home of the Skins

Got a couple projects who's on at the pen
Lemme say it again, cause wit jay eva been
My life a movie, I be gone for the win

My flight has left and I ain't slept for like three days
I had a three wait, with a ? and a Kinkaid
Had a bound on me, I'mma Sensei

Get me straight out, that's a tupe
That's two weeks?! This two day
That #~!!@ wet like Bora Bora

Know all about it, by the bussey
Got a couple my ^!$$%s out Cali 2
I'm the most wanted ^!$$% out Malibu

My life a movie, it's a true story
So we break the news on Channel 2
I am telling you, I am terrible

Like a bad (*##$ with an attitude
I like a bad (*##$ with an $$# that move
And some acid !@(& for the camera crew

(Hook x2)
I like a bad (*##$ with a big booty

I like 'em super cool, I be just coolin'
Keep the camera rollin' cause my life a movie
I'm all about a check and I can just do it

(Verse: Wale)
Just do it, just do it

My wrist and my neck fluid
My (*##$ in the court and I don't think none of them went to coolidge
Me and Booby, in the coast

South Side's where that gettin' fro'
Oh, you wit that %#@!ty talk and Biggie put you on a stove
Ra ra, ^!$$% we loath

Tell new cam and the hoes three ?
Cash that john, that mat like john
The top off, lookin' like a brother from the peep show

And I see good, no pro'lem, baby
No stressin' out

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