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NONSOUNDFLUX lyrics : "River Run Dry"

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how hard you try:
The river of life runs dry.

I wish your long roads ahead
The world you left behind
I wish you walk into life without the pain I made in mine

I hope you can love again
Keep our waves at the shore when you run back in
What was said was it

When the day is dead, then it's gone, gone again

I can't say I'm happy here with our goodbyes

Nothing's enough with the void above
And a river run dry
Ambition in a state of silence

The riddle is the key, and I've been
Hanging by a thread with the will to live
But the will to die is a river run dry

I hope you shame black hearts
Always wake on the morning after

Wish you the best of luck on love and only tears of laughter
If the glow fades out and an enemy evolves with an anchor, leave
And don't get carried away; please, don't get carried away



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