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NONSOUNDFLUX lyrics : "Hand Grenade"

It's your birthday masquerade
He's deep in love, and you're miles away
It's a wonderful light parade, but you're a cemetery baby

And I'm an empty grave

You left without the weapons you fall on

I hope you're ready for love

Whatever you mean to say, I know.

But love ain't gonna change my ways
And nothing's going to make that change
Wherever you're wandering, I'll go.

But I'm not going to point the way 'cause
No one's here to take your place, and
If this is a battle of closure, then let me be your hand grenade

To slip through your fingers once again.

She's a lovely serenade

Brought up like a switchblade to carve her name
He's a bowtie sailor on a holiday
I'm a black wedding flower, and you're a poison vase

That fought like the woman to die for
But he won't miss you at all

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