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NONSERVIAM lyrics : "A Hymn For The Apostate"

Infidelity spawned within
The in-depths of inner-selves
Generations of ignorance

Undabbled and unseen
Materialized upon crimson shores
Of vile, putrid reality

Dogmatic creeds are forced upon this wretched earth

A spiritual void so deceiving...an entrapment for the meek

So Rise! Mortals of the wretched fate
From the fathomless depths of nothingness...

Be Gone! Divine lies and hallowed deceit
Abandoned Faith...A Salvation

Grieving the loss of morality
Submission ov the blind...to the unknown

In utter regret, a God I detest
A supreme form of hatred

Now El Qahar to Hazif gives
The worship unto poets due
But songs are nought and Music all

What poet music may define?

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