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NONELIKEJOSHUA lyrics : "Message to Skrillex & Fans (The Reason & Leaving Rap Remix)"

You know I'm getting kind of tired of all this %#@! given to Skrillex about his new EP
Let me tell you why

I don't really care if Skrill ain't got a --
But I wonder where to find -
Blah de blah he doesn't need to make a --

All in all, it's Burial, here's the

now she's telling me he does it for no -

and he's yelling when he says he knows
Don't bet that you can know any -
Brostep is getting old for a -

artists never want to give you any -
it's for you to figure out and find-

and they'll think he made garage for this-
No he's never paid to carry every-

when we fail to know the only $#&@ing -
then we're thinking that the change is bad
but I can say I'm really glad

Nothing's wrong with different genres
you'd enjoy from any other artist
he can still drop

- No one ever told him that he needs a

- And we change cause we posses our own
- And you say you're not dwelling on
- I don't give a %#@! it isn't grimy

- Just listen to the harmony

no you haven't even given me a -

so you only wonder what could be the --
I could tell you on and on about the -
The name of the song?

and - you - don't know - it's - skrill-ex
you - would - not think - from - the - chillness

but -- he -- won't give -- a reason
as -- to -- why he -- would -- make --Leaving

- I don't really give a %#@! about the reason, it's
Impressive that he made the track an hour for releasing it
And if he were to sit and really put the full effort in

Imagine what could come about from this musical genius

So I know what you expected when you hear this %#@!

You're thinking every song should be the same and not experiment
But wobble wobble wub wub is feeling like a roundabout
Why should Skrill abide to every 12 year old on soundcloud?

You're just $$#ociating names to what you'll think it is
But if you didn't know that it was him, you'd think it's bangin %#@!

Maybe future garage producers will get some credit in.
Now listen to the music (*##$, he's doing us a favor with it

Just wanted to say something to Mr. Moore personally

Listen Skrill, I got to be upfront

They won't be paying 12 bucks without an EP a month, if I
subscribe for a year, I want a ticket to
A show of any (OWSLA artist) that I'm picking to hear,

- Maybe you could have - different subscriptions
- Cause what if I don't need a soundkit or want a DJ set?

Maybe you should show a schedule of plans to release
- So we know there's more predictability by the week

- maybe Kill the Noise one month
- then Skream on the other
- Dillon Francis the next one

- And Koan Sound after
if you can make it real, consider me sold
show me a timeline of when we're getting the gold

and if you're making tracks just like this -
keep it up man you better not think about -

you haven't even tried drum and bass - or how about chillstep?

Cause whatever you make -- you know it's gonna blow up quick
And whoever you collab with -- I know it'll sound sick
So you want to make neuro trance hop? -- who the $#&@'s gonna stop it?

You know many people don't understand --

Skrillex is carrying electronic music and all of us with it.
So Keep up the experimentation.
It just means that every genre has the potential to make it to the forefront,
and there's nothing wrong with that.
All EDM is starting to sound the same

It's time to bring something new

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