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NONCHALANT lyrics : "Take It There"

[intro: Rampage]
Yo, you ever walk up into a jam right? (uh uh, Uh uh)
Know what I'm sayin', you chillin' wit' your peoples, and y'all just hangin

And somebody just spill a drink on you (Oooh)
Or, a cat just squeezed your girl's booty (What!)

Or, anything could happen (Uh uh, Uh uh)
See, this is what this song is about... you know
You gotta bring it, you gotta take it there (C'mon)

You know what I'm sayin', a lot of y'all can relate to this
You know what I'm sayin' (Yeah)
But yo, I'm gon' let my homegirl tell it, you know what I'm sayin'

How she wanna take it there, you know what I mean (Uh)

Feel me...

[Verse 1: Nonchalant]
When I stepped on the scene, the skies was black with no lights

The stage was too small for all the fly mics
Wasn't nobody sayin' nothing for getting the crowd hyped
If you ain't gon' shine don't be comin' round mics

This is life, in my my life I'm living life like I got
Twenty-four hours a day, or one night
This is it y'all, I'm bout to hit y'all,

The camera's on when I risidual
I bet y'all said ^!$$%s will be gone
So where you gon' be at 5'O clock i the morn'

Gettin' your lax on or gettin' your mack on
We got one mic down with the lights still on
Who want a piece of this here, ask Sean c'mon

Got that street hype, street team hype
Don't know team like my team hype, what it seem like
My movements is gettin' faster, can't see me like Casper

I'm ghost and hit this spot from coast to coast
There was cameras, so you could not miss my damage
I rip two mics in one city, single-handed

Like a bandit, coz streets was dark with no knowledge
I said my piece then I let my action relieve
I left, I saw the light shine on the street

I was back, smack-dab in the belly of the beast
I'm about to hit the clubs with this brand-new release
Who minds like bodies with the bounce of the beat

Cause when I get on, believe it it's on
Want the meaning of my words, dig deep in my song
So baby gets on, it's all mics down with the lights still on

Who want a piece of this here ask Sean c'mon

[chorus: Rampage]

Midnight, after dark, we gonna take it there
Nonchalant in the party, she gon' take it there
If you do the wrong thing, or you say the wrong thing

Ha ha, Ha ha, we gonna take it there
We gonna take it there, we gonna take it there
Midnight, after dark we gonna take it there

Nonchalant is in the party, she gon' take it there
We gonna take it there, we gonna take it there

[verse 2: Nonchalant]
For all you foo-els, I rock jew-els
While you cop jew-els, I drop jew-els, and do it well

Really drink champagne, while you drinkin' shan-day
You tippin' (*##$ scales, them just tales, now listen here
Your career... fool you wanna chance your mic

So where your action, cause I can't see the light
The camera's on, the lights is dimmed, now what's your point
Took your last mic, cause you couldn't rock the joint

Feel my venom, sweatin your palms
And any MC to disagree with me, wave your arms
Now that's all mics down with the lights still on

Who want a piece of the here ask Sean c'mon
If you got what I want, then I got what you need
If the green light, then I proceed

Your to lace it, I'm not lacin' it with basics
But all I need is basics to lace it
Cause in with my facts and figures

With more broads and gold-diggers
Painting a perfect picture for my sniper to hit her
From a rooftop, then I makaveli like 2Pac
Still I'm non-stop, makin your body rock
Keepin' this thing hot, all these on lock

To the beat, uh, and you don't stop
C'mon to the beat, uh, and you don't stop
Take it to the streets, uh, and you don't stop, c'mon


[outro: Rampage]
'98... Chucklife... Flipmode... Nonchalant...
Forever... Bona-fide Platinum

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