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NONCHALANT lyrics : "Mr. Good Stuff"

(Said I'm lookin' for the good stuff)
Bald head, strong back and not a weak mind

Bald head, strong back and not a weak mind
Bald head, strong back and not a weak mind
Bald head, strong back and not a weak mind [x2]

[verse 1: sung]
Now I don't have no time, to feed you no fake lines

I only want to see a smile upon your face
'Coz the things you seem to do, keep me runing back to you
But it seems your love won't stay in just one place

'Coz see I'm lookin for the good stuff, ooh and boy you got it wit'cha

Where your girlfriiend at si I can smack her out the picture
Cruisin in your Benz-os sippin' on a forty,
lookin' all sweet but your nature is naughty

Pull on the side for the ready chit-chatter
In the back of my mind I'm thinkin' sex on the platter
Give me the seven digits and I don't want no beeper

Just a girlfriend 'coz cheaper ain't a keeper


[verse 2]
It's like look but don't touch because you're lookin' so scandalous

But the man is so vicious and delicious
I wish this one time that I could have a taste
Without a trace be conspicuos the chase is so ridiculous

I see stars when you come around 'coz you got the Boom from the underground
Smooth move without a sound
Just one call and then I'm droppin' my drawers

Like a boo-boo but I won't start it off
'Coz-uh, ain't nothing like a strong hung brother
To give you what you want in and out under the cover

And your so smooth I see you in my dreams
In my erotic thoughts your doin' wild things, Mr Good Stuff


Aahhh, Mr Good Stuff..., in the 95, Aahhh...

Strong backs, bald heads, no weak minds


[verse 3]
I said hey, young lover with your smile so fine

Now with the slick $$# style and the glitter i your eye
I seen you chillin' on occasions
And even a sister with the slickest persuasions could amaze ya

I need another to touch me, and-uh,
all through the lovin' know he won't rush me
Even if it takes all night,

to the caress of his lips pressed on my chest
(take your time baby)
Don't hide from me Mr Right, you're lookin' for the wrong ones

Scheamin' on an oaky dope and lookin' for the small funds
But a bank roll ain't what I'm after,
I'm lookin' to get caught up in your raptures

So don't waste your time on a nickle and no dime
'Coz if you do baby, yeah you gonna pay a fine
in a big way, 'coz you might get dissed

Why you losin' sleep about the lover that you missed,
Mr Good Stuff

[chorus till fade...]

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