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NONCHALANT lyrics : "Destiny"

You have it all with your beauty and all
And I ain't actin', this ain't a movie at all
I clear my mind when I be around you

They say perfection is impossible but then I found you
I put it down for the days we overcame
You got me numb so it's feelin' like novacane

I ain't spittin', I'm poorin' out my soul
If you need anything, you better your boy know
You know I'm here from the life until the death

It's a damn underrstatement when I say I'm feelin' blessed
I'll give you the world cause you deserve no less
You make me feel like a king, call me Jimmer Fridette

And that's fact, I like to put my heart up on the track
I'd like for us to have a future with a beautiful past
With a beautiful past, you know that I'm sincere when I put it in my raps

So don't even question it
How I feel is pretty evident
Cause you deserve the planet, no less but no more

We're just in the present, there's a future to explore
No pressure at all, I present this respectfully
But respect that it's destiny

I spit a rap when I'm chillin' in a calm mood
But we can do whatever, girl, it's all you
I put my heart and everything into the music

So it's just like you cause there ain't no way I'll lose it
And we both got a bright path
And if you ever start to lose track

I'll be your map and navigate the right way
I promise more than just a moment or a nice day
I'll keep us both goin' 'til the god damn death of me

'Til I'm gone and there ain't a single breath in me
'Til there ain't a single breath in me, babygirl, we are destiny
Destiny, the remedy for any bad mood

Embed that smooth message like a mental tattoo
I lay it down, no need for you to stress
I mean every word and every single damn breath

That's the reason that I'm breathless
And you don't have to respect this
But let me tell 'bout the way that I feel

I don't try to make music, I just try to be real
And that the realest %#@! I ever wrote down
I'm just happy that you know now

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