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NONCHALANT lyrics : "5 O'clock (blak Productions Remix)"

Where you at? Where you at?... Yeah

Now where you at, where you at? [x4]


It's really real, the way I'm feelin' right now
At 5 o'clock in the mornin-a
The crack of dawn-in-a [x4]

[verse 1]
It's really real, when I feel the way that I do right now

I see all my brothers underground
Pushing up daisies, man, it amazes me
That you can't see where you gonna be

A statistic, everybody's gon' call ballistic
If you had a good day, damn, I must have missed it
Cause you mad at the Universe, going to hell with everybody else

Cause you want your own first
I got the urge to let you in on a little secret
Cause you keep dying if I keep it

All the killing that you're feeling is from within
For the copper check the color of your skin
Why lie? I couldn't try even if I had to

Born with the bullet-proof vest when I had you
A black woman trying to get through to the few
So you can live the next crew


[verse 2]
Wella, Mr. Black Man tell me where you're heading
The last few years I watched while you were sheading

Pounds and pounds on growth for the population
Soon we won't be able to have a strong black nation
A shooting here, a stab there will it ever stop

Cause now you're dying from the dose of the crack rock
I'm just a Nubian Queen that needs a king to stand strong
And try to press on

It's not white man's finger on the trigger
Car-jacks, drive-by's, callin' each other "^!$$%"
I'm not here to scold but rather shape n' mold

A young black mind that won't live to grow old
Cause you're fronting smoking on the blunt and
Down with your friends cause you think you're making ends, but you're not

And it's the truth of the matter
Your brother gettin' skinny, cause you want your pockets fatter


[verse 3]

It ain't no lie, I'm sick and tired, I feel the fire
So baby can you grab my hand so I can take you higher
Coz I've seen you sinkin'. so get your mind to thinkin'

But all of that %#@! you did has got you shrinkin' low
The moves that you made, got your faith in the wrong direction
But some love and affection would change that

With the quick-mix, could this sickness
Is spreadin' so damn fast, a black major can't last
But what can I do, a strong black woman

Give you loving and affection keep you focused when you come in
Cause it's real, I've got to find out how you feel
To keep your %#@! fixed, and your hands up on the ceil' (yeah yeah)


Now where you at?
Now are you a criminal? [repeat]

A where you at, where you at? [x4]


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