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NON TOXIC lyrics : "Nothing"

My head is spinning
I forgot everything
I'm the one without a name

It doesn't feel the same
Hearing me scream
Why are they so mean?

They don't like me as I am
I am a nobody to them

Manipulate the masses
You'll never see them faces
The machines that made them be

Made the same thing to me
I only belong to God
He never let me fall apart

Morning rain isn't the same
And they are the only ones to blame

Chorus x2
Higher higher, going higher
Smiling flying, my desire

Falling falling, I am nothing
Breathin' thinking , it's the same.

Someone is watching me
There is no one I can see
I just turn my back

And walk in the dark
Found the meaning of live
Soon the angels will arive

A new era is about to start
A new day is ending and falling apart.

Chorus x2


Wake up in the morning

Feels like the ending
Have to keep on fighting
Losing my faith this time

Losing this war of mine
The final countdown starts now
I'm gonna make it stop but I don't know how

Chorus crescendo

Chorus x2


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