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NOIZYBRONY lyrics : "Together"

I feel all alone in this journey i'm in, just a clone
of everything I wanted to be in my life
The reality feels like a stabbing knife

Hallucinations roam my mind
i see happy people everwhere, they're so kind
When I wake up from the trance, I feel so depressed

in reality, everyone's so compressed.
I know not to fear, but what am i to do when i don't know my peers
Everyone's delusional, everyone's so paranoid

They're so scared of the finale as they Enter The Void.
There's no need for the scare, just sit back, relax, here's a joint to share.
In the end, we'll be fine, There is nothing to fear

There's no need for the sadness, no need for the tears.

We're All Together (x4)

The days continue on and on, I don't know if the time will ever be done.
Certainty is lost on the mortal coil, Just like NON, SPK, Cabaret, and Coil.

I'll be waiting in prime. i'll be here, sitting, waiting for the end of time
It'll be a long long journey, costing me some decades,
listen to some journey, playing in the arcades.

Where did I go wrong? Maybe just hitting the bong
Where has the time gone? Maybe after you hit the bomb
Perhaps it's nothing, maybe it's just some teenage bull%#@!

but could be something, I should just stop worrying and take a hit.

We're All Together (x4)

Sitting here dissociated,
agitated, !@(#d just a few hours ago

the ghosts enjoyed the show. I was disgusted.
I felt so violated, like i've been mother $#&@in busted.
So damned annihilated.

and now i'm angry, so motha$#&@in angry cause im $#&@in bored.
Got no idea what the $#&@ to do, i'm $#&@in floored.
no !@!@&& to smoke, no girl for me to $#&@.

Might as well just go back in my head cause life sucks.
I dunno, maybe i'm just thinking stupid %#@!.
you'd be too if all you thought about was satan's pit

Burning forever in a pool of hell fire
but before that $#&@in' happens, imma be a vampire.
though for now, I just wanna $#&@in' chill

I Don't want no $#&@in' problems, i don't wanna $#&@in' kill.
Psychopathy's got me hard, what's the mother$#&@in' point?
I'll just lay back with some laibach and just smoke a joint.

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