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NOISIA lyrics : "Shellshock feat. Foreign Beggars"

Deep in the conflict
Whole body braced for the impact
Liquid melody soaked me

Forced forward with Syntax
Ducking and diving, see me weaving through heaving masses
While vision is blurred, militant surge deep in the passage

There's no escape, you're just a red mark my lazer paint
Killer instinct sharp, just like the edge of a razor-blade
The bodybag, squeezin' the trigger, the quick flash blinds

Solo's seek peace when the last enemy flat lines
Shellshock! x3

Call me the minotaur, cave dweller settle the final score
Frayed terrorist, head fends for no mindless cause
Raise tension, stress levels of violence soar

Lest torture venomous methods of silence thwart
A vetted army of weathered enemies might just swarm
Stay sheltered, stray pellets enter vital cores

Pray weather forgives, else render the night as scorned
Braced venture, Beggars destined to ride the storm
Ride the storm

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