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NOEL TORRES lyrics : "Joshua Radin"

We're like a painting
And now it's raining down
Watch the colors run 'til we're almost one

Watch us fading from this one street town
We'll sleep where we fall or nowhere at all

And everyone wants something
Well, I'm wanted by everyone but you

Well I've been thinking about meals with wine
Can't you see how time doesn't count at all
We've been sinking, thumbs to the sky

Sing this lullaby, if you start to fall

See, everyone wants something

Well, you're wanted by everyone but you

And sometimes, I need the light

To sleep alone on this weary night
And you own the sun, you own the sky
And everyone wants something

Well if we're wanted it's by everyone but you

I watch you sleeping in your parent's bed

Near the books you've read
Underneath a shroud of forgiveness
You look around the crowd, hear their stories loud

So stand up now 'cause
Everyone wants something, and if they're wanted
It's by everyone but you

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