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Noel Coward lyrics : "A Room With A View"

A room with a view and you, with no one to worry us, no one to hurry us

To this dream we found.

We'll gaze at the sky and try to guess what it's all about,

The we will figure out why the world is round.

We'll be as happy and contented as birds upon a tree.

High above the mountains and the sea.

We'll bill and we'll coo and sorrow will never come,

Or will it ever come to our room with a view?

A room with a view and you and no one to give advice.

That sounds a paradise few could fail to choose.

With fingers entwined we'll find relief from the preachers

Who always beseech us to mind our p's and q's.

We'll watch the whole world pass before us while we are sitting still,

Leaning on our own window sill.

We'll bill and we'll coo and maybe a stork will bring this and t'other thing

To our room with a view...

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