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"It's Kid Blaze aka the new king.
Sip lean, I rap mean, that's all I really need.
Perfect trees, I'm living green, the best you've ever seen.

Known to act raw on the beat, %#@! I'm fuxking heem.
Best believe, I spit the cleanest bars you'll ever see.
Swavey MC, and ^!$$% I'm doper than triple beams.

Codiene fiend, it always feels like I'm living a dream.
Double cup swag, like my hat says supreme.
All stars on the feet, rappin in chuck tees.

Sick steez, my flow so chill feel it in the breeze.
Yes please, what I tell my girl that's on both knees.
Michael Jordan of the rap game, I'm draining threes.

Smokin cali Kush, while you Smokin residue
Your girl always calls me, ^!$$% what's new.
She wants a true dude, tired of the fake you.

$#&@ you, green ranger homie thats my debut.
Comin hard with hot bars, straight out of hell.
People tryin copy style, swag not for sale.

Grinding down the bud, like Nate on a rail.
^!$$%s really think that's rappin, well they're a $#&@in fail.
Shove my Mic down their throat, throw em in a well.

Songs annoying and pointless, like some damn church bells.
Bout to show em pain, I'm the hammer and their the nail.
Leave you like Michael Rangel, passed out and pale.

Orland California, (*##$ home of the best.
No stress, grey smoke crowding up our chest.
We toke and rap, but we ain't no $#&@in pot heads.

Smokin bomb grape blunts longer than Jamaican dreads.
And we hate the feds, $#&@ the 5-0
OPD can suck my nuts hanging down to the flo.

They trynna bust some ^!$$%s, while we Smokin that dro.
Blowin o's to their face, yelling $#&@ the po po
A legend in the makin, damn don't be mistaken.

Verses blatant, and deadly as $#&@ just like Satan.
People hatin, idiots sayin I won't make it.
$#&@ em, ill give em my dick, tell em to shake weight it.

They think I'm just playin, I got plans of being.famous
They wanna know what my name is, cause I'm destined for greatness.
I always ignore the hatred, cause theirs no room for fakeness.

A prophecy like I'm sacred, (*##$ I'm a holy statement.
They saying I'm overrated, but I'm way past the hype.
Homie you ain't the rap type, you the kind that likes dikes.

And that likes it from behind, man that %#@! is just yikes.
I've been rappin my whole life, you barely picked up the pen.
You think rapping is about (*##$es and how much money you can spend?

You don't rap about the truth, man all yo %#@! pretend.
Your just dick riding some !@$)got, while I'm making my own trend.
Good vibes in this (*##$, you can tell by the aroma.

One hit of this trippy %#@!, now you in a coma.
I rap, ill take yo (*##$, plus I'm a stoner
Got that prescription medicine, like if I have glaucoma.

I don't like these new ^!$$%s, but I ain't a hater.
Nor a faker, I'm just a player known as a beat slayer.
Dreams of makin paper, want it now not later.

On point like a laser, ^!$$% got green, call me green ranger."

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