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NODICE lyrics : "Sex Tape"

This for my girlfriend

when was the last time
you had it like this girl
uuh, they tell em where was the last time ..

we gonan do it like we birthday
girl we gonna do it everywhere
when i put it on your face oh

..i am no .. ready love
let get this thing ..

let's make a sex tape
you can be actress, i'ma be your director

now action
let's make a sex tape ..
you can do it, you can do it, you can do it love girl

put it down
..you on, we gonan do some things bad girl

lay your hair on the ..
hope you guess ..this body your wild Africa
read all about me, read all about me

make sex to em is ..
want it in know i'm bout to kill it


baby are you ready for me

i'm far for the ordinary ..
you even met a ..
tonight without you ..

now tell me who can love you like me girl
nobody, who can break you off like me
tonight we gonan round round


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