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NOCTURNAL FEAR lyrics : "Can't Undo The Damage Done"

Verity burns like cinders in your hand
Submit to horror like nothing you thought or can understand
Once it starts how you thought it never could

Scars upon scars, searing pain never felt so good

Anger and rage, consuming your life

Descending further into your own hell
Is deception your only perception?
Is it deciet that fuels your beliefs?

Unstable personality on the verge of insanity
Unable to communicate thoughts to the world around you

In a fog the pain never leaves you
A constant struggle just to go on
It's like a pit you can't escape, depression sets in

And hold you in its iron grip, never let you go
Madness slowly taking over, and leaves you hollow

You You

You can't undo

You can't undo the damage
You can't undo the damage done, emotional scars run too deep
You can't undo the damage done, until I forever sleep

If you look in my eyes you'll see I can't be healed
I feed on hate that grows inside me

In a $#&@ed up state of mind, spiralling out of control
No remorse for the harm I cause

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