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Nocturnal Breed lyrics : "The Dead"

Dig up your bones
Bring us your heads and your young
Cruel truth crawling

On the fields of burning homes
Rise into rottendom
Through piles of gut and blood

'Come Hellstorms and tornadoes
Cure this world right to the... Bone
They walk this earth like a fever

'Come plague and fire to your towns
The dead - zombie supreme
In harrowing waves

The call towards the abattoirs
Be silent now... Be dead they call
Bring out the beasts

Bring out the butchers from the dark
Bring them to the slaughter-pens
Open wide and let them in

The dead - zombie supreme
Inescapable doom
Lavished onto earth in hideous details

You will rot in the streets
You will rot in your beds
As acid storms

Leaves monuments of flesh
Rise necrophilia
Through rictus howls of death

Force-fed limbs from mass-graves
'Come cleanse this world of flesh
"And the rivers ran black with corpses..."

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