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Nocturnal Breed lyrics : "Iron Bitch"

All right you mother $#&@ers
This one is metal to the bone
On your hands and knees (*##$

Com' on
Here comes the Dog-(*##$
In a funerary Cadillac

Outlaw on high parole
Two faced electric Hell
"Thou shalt not suffer a (*##$ to live"

Hag-ridden - woman pest control
Black lizard - Fire soul
A dirt side southern twitch

Out from her rotten crib she calls
The devil on her lips
Here comes the meat-wagon

A razor eating witch
No I don't need no violins
I bleed the Iron (*##$

Saw blades and rattle snakes
Prime mover in the devils wake
No nun this one - Switchblades and lizard tails

!@%*-bucket - !@%*-Machine
Undertaker - She's quite obscene
A speed machine - High voltage discipline

Bad tempered night mover
She's a whip-cord seducer
Incorporated motor !@#%

!@^%monger demonette of rot
Drinking whiskey as if riding outta Hell
Oh, can't you tell... No no no no

With drunken clarity
Into her serpents nest
Skull pounding rampant hag

Death dealing fever pitch
Mean Jean (*##$ machine
Overmedicated in the head-lights beam

Cut throat business
Cutting through the chase

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