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Nocturnal Breed lyrics : "Invasion Of The Body-Thrashers"

Iron-studded - Denim-Hell
Demon - Dynamo
Forwards - You can sleep when you're dead

Let it rip - Thrashing your soul
A walking nightmare
In liquid mercury

Burning with the tombstone-courage
A parasitic Breed
Optimum arises

No need to call the priest
Invasion of the body-thrashers
Ripped to smithereens...

Cold blast - Cold run - Into neutron-fires
Born !@$( to the bone
Outburst - You'll be whipped in the streets

Like a Jackal raping your soul
A walking nightmare
Famine spreads our name

Creeping through the desert sand
Sledge-hammering insane
Optimum arises

Thrashing wild from side to side
Invasion of the Body-thrashers
Systematic blight...

Pandemonic nemesis
Nocturnal in our hearts
We'll hut you down with butchers

And track you down with hounds
We'll track you down with hounds
Invasion - Through the nation

Ripe for the plucking
C'mon $#&@ers don't you know
This is the night of the hunters

There is no parallel
In helix synchronicity
Dancing to the doomsday-bells

You stand in silence
As world-damnation burns
Screaming out in chainsaw-hymns

You're babbling your last words
Omega rises - In hybrid sanctity
Drumming death through out the land

To the beat of nuclear winds
Spiked knuckles - Leathered Hell
Damnation - Dynamo

Thrashers - Feel the beast within, stir
The straight-jacket-waltz in your soul

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