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Nocturnal Breed lyrics : "Code Of Conduct"

Blood runs from the spikes of war
Bring your sons to their slaughter

Into a nameless - Shallow grave
To the victor belong the spoils
Enter Hell land of slime

I live to triumph in your ruins
Remorseless - Strike you down
Fast forward - Corpse-shredders

Here beats a hideous heart
Pin-pointed core of evil
Scorn defence - Will vaporize

Death is the hunter
Perfect killing machine
Necrotic interceptor

Cruel cause
Condition red - Condition dead
Weapons of war is our religion

Born without a soul inside
I've sworn the oaths
The codes of conduct

Aggressive - Deceptive we fight
No second coming - No more warnings
Here comes the cardinal day

We deal in punishment where punishment is due
You can't keep this onslaught at bay
En mass - Lay low the ramparts

We rise - Like a sudden storm
So fast - Removed from existence
In a flash - As food for the worms

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