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NOBLE DA GENIUS lyrics : "Noble Da G"

Im feeling fly as a vimana
In my Balenciagas

V's Chinos and mid espedrills
Straw trilby A black n
Mild and cup filled with remy it'll never spill

Buried in my thoughts conspiracy thoeries
Producing muzik while ^!$$%s abuse dust of pixies
How am i doing? Drugs and depression is wazzup with me

Im never prudent im just a nusense who gon rep my city
And thats M.I.A.M.I that wasn't the First Platoon
Grew up on uncle Al, Trick, JT and uncle Luke

A dade county decended and stil
Watch Cartoonz
Shocking isnt it...Dr Von Dooom

Fruit told me the world is in my hands i am galactus
Use it for all its resources and leave it dry like a Cactus
He said your talented Noble focus on that rapping

I'll do the trapping dont
Be slacking will see money by the masses
G said stay on your craft and you'll see what will happen

Thats oppurtunity
^!$$% i had to grasp it
I had nothing now thats sumpting call it magik (i had nothing now that

Call it magik)
I fight fire with fire then ashes to ashes and dust to dust and thats from

Dust til
Another one bites the dust when im on songs

You think you know me you dont know me cuz im far gone
Hieroglyphs had pics of me before i was born
Scientist say ima myth because i

Wouldn't belong
An oddity ^!$$%...

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