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NOBLE DA GENIUS lyrics : "Inspiration"

Inspiration give you the strive to stay focus
Dedication you put in time to stay focus

Verbalizing make sure you !@#^yze your notions
The harder you work at it then one day you'll get noticed

Verse 1:
And as a youth
I was motivated by gold tooth

And old heads who put datons on some old coops
Listening to free buddy row before free soup
Constantly writing to myself instead of shooting hoops

I was raise round junkies drunkies and real !@#%s
Holding a poor mans rifle when there's beef not giving a $#&@
Posted on the block

Being harassed by cops
Hand on my jock talking to hoes trying to get in her twat
Even through all that I remained talented

Writing and enlighten my pain towards life challenges
Hoping to be given the mic one day so I could start damaging
!#@* trying to be hard I got business to be handling

Chorus: 2x

2nd Verse:
This is a Revelation from a lyrical prodigy
Honestly I'm trying to have a monopoly

Over my verbal poetic but lyrical prophecies
I reveal my define inspiration through the mist of poverty
I spit probity

I'm true to what I write an enormity
They say I am a problem but ain't nobody solving
Yall acting like I should give an apology

Because the street gave me knowledge and it harden me
!#$* ima man of my word it ain't no part of me
To ever given or use these words Pardon me

This is a lesson about death thenostology
I'm talking real ^!$$% %#@! not Mythology yeaaa!

Chorus 2

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