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NOAH23 lyrics : "Sea of the Infinite Wave feat. Myka 9 & Ceschi"

the infinite particle swirling around in the sea of the infinite wave
keeping a record of everything that i can use when i get to the grave
giving the riverboat carrier something to honor the journey and pay for the passing

from life into death a cocoon manifesting and a future is born everyday
the wrinkle in time is preventing utopia from ever breaking on through
the lyrics i cultivate openly shine with the power i see within you

the rain of the heavens continually shower the knowledge of old on the minds of the young
until knowledge and wisdom expand in the world, everybody knows what is true
everybodys looking for a better kinda livin

armageddon in the session when i ride upon the riddim
and i spit a little venom and i make em see the vision
with precision, people listen

chopping syllables, cooking vegetables, dropping lyricals, with the minerals
stop in intervals, dots and decimals, lots of festivals, shatter molecules
stars and pentacles, arms and tentacles, pot perrenials, gods and rituals

individual !@#^og digital, symmetrical echo and a mandelbrot visual
they dont really know bout the style that i got when i put it on down
it be the one nanobot upon the microphone until the break of dawn

we gonna get it on, i levitate the pentagon, what what what

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