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NOAH PEPMEYER lyrics : "Lemon Pie (Caught in the Rain)"

Verse 1:
Oh if I told you a secret
Would you keep it

Or give it away?

Verse 2:

Oh come on over, over here
And let me whisper in your ear and
I will tell just what I have got to say.

I want you more than you could know yeah

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
So take my hand, and let me show ya.
Oh oh

Let's get caught in the rain

And dance 'till the beats of our hearts are the same.
Fallin' like the rain drops, dance until the rain stops and then

Let's get together make lemon pie
'Cause life tastes better when you're nearby.
We can sing like the birds, there'll be no need for words when

We get caught in the rain.

Verse 3:
Oh there's something thing about you
That makes life spent without you

Seem like a waste of time

Verse 4:

Oh if I had a time machine
I would change when you came on the scene
'Cause I haven't known you long enough and that's a crime.




When the rain drops fall on our heads
They will wash away all our regrets.


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